You have a high quality textile collection but you do not know how to represent it in the best possible way? Don't worry, Lay-Z is also specialized in producing unique aaa samples.

Our company Lay-Z is specialized not only in producing high-quality bean bags and object furnishing but also in producing samples. We are one of the few in this business and we certainly do belong to the narrow circuit of the best ones in this industry. Our loyal and satisfied customers are our best achievement and the kind of recognition that we are seeking to expand.

Our production is in this moment faced to the big textile industries but we have a lot of other industries with which we would like to deepen our relations. Producers of work clothing, interior designers or upholsterers are just some of this branches.

530 customers

22400 samples anually

640 m2 of production

10 years of experience

The best suppliers of the components needed for the production of samples are our partners. That is why we are offering you the verified formula of successful 'sampling'. Our team of specialists gathered around of the production of samples, a sophisticated way of producing and fast reactions are the features of our service. We believe that we can realize your every wish and convert it to an unique sample.